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Top 20 Best Ways to Get More Google Reviews for Your Law Firm

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Struggling to get more Google reviews for your law firm?

You’re not alone. With 88% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, the importance of boosting your review count cannot be overstated.

This blog will provide you with 20 effective strategies to increase your Google review numbers efficiently and ethically. Let’s dive in and transform your online reputation.

Key Takeaways

  • Use a Google review link shortcut in emails and on social media to make it easy for clients to leave reviews. This can boost your law firm’s online reputation.
  • Ask satisfied clients directly for Google reviews, especially after successful case resolutions. Including review requests in thank-you notes or emails helps increase the number of positive reviews.
  • Embedding Google reviews on your website and creating a dedicated page for them can improve SEO and show potential clients the good experiences others have had with your law firm.
  • Running email campaigns asking for Google reviews is very effective. Make sure these emails are personalized and include a clear call to action.
  • Avoid unethical practices like paying for reviews or writing fake ones. Instead, focus on genuine ways to encourage happy clients to share their experiences.

Understanding the Importance of Google Reviews for Law Firms

Moving from the introduction to the core of our discussion reveals how crucial Google reviews are for law firms. They play a significant role in improving local SEO and boosting a firm’s reputation online.

Nine out of ten people read reviews before deciding on hiring a legal service, underscoring their influence on potential clients’ decisions. Positive feedback not only enhances credibility but also significantly affects a lawyer’s ability to convert leads into actual clients.

Active management of a Google Business Profile elevates trust among prospects, attracting more inquiries and potentially increasing client intake. For lawyers and law firms aiming to stand out in competitive markets, prioritizing customer testimonials through Google reviews can improve local search rankings, enhance brand awareness, and lead to higher click-through rates from search results.

This approach is not just about accumulating positive ratings; it’s an essential strategy for building lasting relationships with clients while ensuring the firm’s growth and success in digital marketing landscapes.

How to Increase Your Google Reviews: A Step-by-step Process

Understand the review process. Create a Google review link shortcut and use it across digital platforms for easy access.

Understanding the review process

The review process begins when a client decides to share their experience with your law firm on Google, or when you request them to do it. We highly recommend being proactive and requesting a review so you can provide some pointers, which we share later in the section “3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Asking for Reviews“.

But usually, they would go online, search for your firm, and click on the review section to write about their service experience.

This feedback is crucial as it helps build your reputation and improves local SEO. Positive reviews make your law firm more visible in search engine results.

Clients can rate their experience from one to five stars and add comments. These ratings and reviews appear on Google Maps and in search results, making them easily accessible to potential clients.

High star ratings and positive feedback attract more clients by showing that others trust your services. Next, creating a Google review link shortcut simplifies this process for both you and your clients.

Creating a Google review link shortcut

Creating a Google review link shortcut makes leaving feedback much easier for your clients.

First, sign into your Google My Business account and select your law firm.

Click on ‘Read reviews

read google reviews

Click on the ‘Get more reviews

get more google reviews

Click to copy your unique link.

copy google reviews link

Use this clean, short URL in emails, texts, or on social media to direct happy clients straight to your review page.

Place this link strategically where it’s most visible – in email signatures, on business cards, and even in thank-you notes. Incorporating QR codes that lead directly to the review page can also boost submissions.

Making the process straightforward encourages more clients to share their positive experiences with your law firm online.

Incorporating the review link in various digital platforms

Share your Google review link across all digital platforms your law firm uses. This means adding the link to your Instagram bio, tweeting it out regularly, and even including it in Facebook posts.

Doing this makes it easy for clients to find and use the link no matter where they interact with you online.

Put the review link in your email signature too. Every time you send an email, you’re giving the recipient a direct path to leave a review. Use QR codes on business cards or flyers for a simple scan-and-review option at offline events or meetings.

This strategy blends both online and offline methods to maximize feedback opportunities from every angle.

Requesting Google Reviews Directly from Satisfied Clients

Ask happy clients to leave Google reviews as it boosts your law firm’s online reputation. Make the process easy by providing the Google short link for quick review submission. Express gratitude for their feedback as it encourages more clients to share their experiences, leading to an increase in Google reviews.

Streamlining the Review Request in Your Law Firm’s Offboarding Process

To make it easier for clients to leave reviews after their legal issues are resolved, incorporate review requests into the offboarding process. Simplify this by creating a seamless transition from case closure to feedback solicitation.

Although there are tools and platforms that can help with this, we highly recommend just incorporating them into your last meeting with the client if you are a solo attorney or have your team reach out as they are offboarding them.

In many cases, we have seen attorneys increase 5-star review acquisitions by up to 25% when it’s done properly. If you would like to know how you can implement it in your Offboarding, please contact our team and ask for details.

Making Review Submission Easy: Using QR Codes and Direct Links

Making review submissions easy by using QR codes and direct links simplifies the process for clients to leave reviews. Incorporating QR codes in marketing materials or providing direct review links via email can prompt satisfied clients to share their experiences seamlessly, leading to an increase in Google reviews for your law firm.

This strategy enhances accessibility and convenience, encouraging more clients to engage in leaving feedback about their positive experiences.

Using these streamlined methods can significantly boost the number of reviews received from satisfied clients, contributing to a stronger online presence and improved consumer trust for your law firm.

3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Asking for Reviews

When asking for clients to leave a review, either through email or in person. We suggest asking them to incorporate the following:

  1. Use the name of your business instead of your name
  2. Mention the services they provided
  3. Also, add the location or city where they are located

Encouraging Reviews through Thank-You Notes and Emails

Encourage customer reviews by including QR codes or shortened links in thank-you notes, making it effortless for customers to leave feedback. Polite requests for Google reviews on receipts can also prompt satisfied clients to share their experiences online, boosting your firm’s reputation.

Incorporating a subtle request in automated transactional emails after a purchase is another effective way to encourage more Google reviews from your clients.

Thank-you notes with QR codes or direct review links are an impactful and convenient method to prompt customers for Google reviews. Politely requesting reviews on receipts and using automated transactional emails further encourages satisfied clients to share their positive experiences online, enhancing your law firm’s reputation and visibility.

Responding Professionally to Negative Reviews

When addressing negative reviews, it’s vital to respond promptly and professionally. Use polite language and acknowledge the customer’s concerns without being defensive. Provide a solution or offer to discuss the matter offline.

Remember, courteous responses demonstrate excellent customer service and can help mitigate the impact of negative reviews on your law firm’s reputation.

Furthermore, responding to negative feedback shows potential clients that you take their concerns seriously and are committed to providing quality service. It also presents an opportunity to showcase your firm’s values and dedication to client satisfaction.

By handling negative reviews with professionalism, you can turn a potentially damaging situation into a positive reflection of your firm’s commitment to excellence in legal services.

Automating Review Requests through Transactional Emails

Incorporating review requests into the offboarding process can automate them through transactional emails. Providing links or QR codes to make it easy for clients to write reviews can also automate review requests through these emails.

Thanking clients for their feedback and responding to negative reviews professionally are important components that contribute to automating review requests via transactional emails.

Satisfied clients should be asked to leave reviews, and it should be made easy for them to do so, which can be achieved through automated review requests in transactional emails.

Actively managing a Google Business Profile is key in establishing trust and credibility, and this too, can be done by automating review requests through transactional emails. Implementing this automated approach not only streamlines the process but also encourages more satisfied clients who are likely willing to leave positive feedback.

Embedding Google Reviews on Your Law Firm’s Website

To further boost your law firm’s online presence, consider embedding Google reviews on your website. This can provide potential clients with valuable insights from previous clients and enhance credibility.

By integrating authentic user-generated content, you not only improve visitor engagement but also contribute positively to search engine optimization efforts.

This simple yet powerful step can help in influencing potential clients’ decision-making process in favor of choosing your law firm.

Remember that embedding Google reviews on your law firm’s website could significantly impact how potential clients perceive your services and is a proactive move towards enhancing trustworthiness and visibility.

Creating a Dedicated Google Review Page on Your Website

Creating a dedicated Google review page on your law firm’s website can significantly boost SEO. This optimizes your site for search engines and helps potential clients discover your business more easily online.

Furthermore, embedding Google reviews on your website can provide valuable social proof to potential clients, building trust and credibility for your law firm’s services.

This strategy boosts the overall client experience and bolsters the reputation of the law firm while also improving its visibility in online search rankings.

Using Pop-ups on Your Website to Request Feedback

Pop-ups on websites can effectively request feedback from customers about the law firm’s services. Personalizing review requests and explaining the importance of reviews to clients can encourage them to leave their feedback.

Templates are beneficial for creating pop-up messages, making it easier to implement this strategy.

Incorporating pop-ups on your website is a proactive way to solicit feedback without being intrusive or demanding. It creates an opportunity for clients to share their experiences effortlessly, contributing to building a positive online reputation for your law firm.

This approach aligns with the goal of enhancing customer experience and boosting your firm’s credibility in the digital space.

Leveraging Social Media to Increase Google Reviews

After implementing pop-ups on your website to request feedback, you can further leverage social media to increase Google reviews for your law firm. Share positive reviews and testimonials on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to encourage more clients to leave their own feedback.

Engage with your audience by starting conversations about the experiences they’ve had with your firm, gently prompting them to consider leaving a review. Utilize targeted online advertising and email marketing campaigns that direct recipients to write Google reviews.

This will help boost your law firm’s visibility in local searches, drawing in new potential clients.

Remember positively impacting click-through rates and attracting new customers are all vital parts of increasing your law firm’s online presence.

Running a Google Review Email Campaign

Running a Google review email campaign can effectively boost your law firm’s online reputation. With 86% of consumers willing to write a review, sending targeted emails requesting feedback can yield positive results.

When crafting the email, ensure personalization and a clear call to action, including the Google review link, to make it easy for clients to leave feedback. Additionally, leveraging this strategy allows you to engage with satisfied clients and encourages them to share their positive experiences.

After implementing the Google review email campaign, consider enhancing your client communication with streamlined offboarding processes.

Responding Promptly and Professionally to All Google Reviews

Timely and professional responses to Google reviews can enhance your law firm’s reputation. Acknowledge positive feedback with gratitude, highlighting your commitment to excellence.

When addressing negative reviews, remain calm and offer solutions publicly while seeking further resolution privately. This shows potential clients that you value feedback and are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Responding promptly and professionally to all Google reviews is vital for building trust with current and prospective clients. Whether the review is positive or negative, taking the time to acknowledge it demonstrates your firm’s commitment to providing excellent service.

Using Review Cards as a Physical Reminder for Clients

You can create review cards with QR codes or links. Make them visually appealing and easy to understand. Provide these cards to clients after their service is complete, encouraging them to leave a review.

This serves as a physical reminder for clients to share their feedback when they have time.

Partnering with Vendors and Partners for Reviews

Thinking of ways to enhance your law firm’s visibility and increase client visits?

Uptime Legal Systems has seen impressive success through strategic acquisitions, leading to organic growth, proving the power of partnerships in boosting review numbers. This collaboration can also encourage customers to leave valuable feedback, ultimately benefiting your law firm’s reputation management and online presence.

Partnering with established vendors allows businesses – especially those with limited digital marketing resources – to leverage platforms that specialize in review management. Through such collaborations, firms can significantly improve their visibility and attract potential clients—a critical advantage for businesses aiming to stand out in a competitive legal market.

Incorporating a Google Review Link in Your Email Signature

Adding a direct Google review link to your email signature encourages clients to leave reviews. Positive reviews enhance your law firm’s credibility and online visibility.

The inclusion of the review link simplifies the process for clients, boosting the likelihood of them sharing their experiences.

Avoiding Unethical Practices in Getting Google Reviews

Avoid incentivizing or offering gratuities for positive reviews, as it may violate Google’s policies and mislead potential clients. Abstain from creating fake accounts to leave favorable reviews, which is considered dishonest and unethical.

Refrain from posting reviews on behalf of clients without their express permission to maintain transparency and credibility.

Steer clear of soliciting reviews from individuals who have not used your law firm’s services, as this can compromise the legitimacy of your online reputation. Avoid engaging in reciprocal review arrangements with other businesses or writing fake negative reviews about competitors, as these practices are deceitful and can lead to severe consequences.

Remember that maintaining ethical standards when pursuing Google reviews is crucial for the integrity and trustworthiness of your law firm’s online presence. By prioritizing honesty and authenticity, you can foster genuine client feedback that reflects positively on your firm’s reputation.

Success Stories: Law Firms Who Successfully Increased their Google Reviews

Law firms across the country have utilized various strategies to amplify their Google review counts. By harnessing effective review management techniques, these firms have seen a tangible impact on their online reputation and client acquisition.

Implementing streamlined review request processes, such as embedding direct links in digital platforms and offboarding workflows, has yielded substantial growth in positive reviews.

Additionally, some firms embraced innovative approaches like using QR codes and direct links to simplify the review submission process for clients, resulting in a surge of authentic feedback.

Furthermore, responsive handling of negative reviews proved pivotal in restoring trust and mitigating potential reputational damage. These success stories demonstrate that actively engaging with clients for feedback not only enhances a firm’s credibility but also influences search engine rankings positively.

Leveraging customer-centric strategies and embracing ethical practices have allowed these law firms to propel their online visibility through increased Google reviews while upholding integrity within the legal community.

The Impact of Increased Google Reviews on Your Law Firm

Increasing Google reviews can significantly impact your law firm by boosting its local SEO, enhancing brand awareness, and building credibility. Positive reviews can attract more clients as they trust businesses with good ratings.

Increased online visibility due to more reviews leads to higher clickthrough rates and improved performance for your law firm. Moreover, positive feedback from satisfied clients strengthens the reputation of your law firm and helps in generating more leads through word-of-mouth marketing and customer referrals.

Managing a Google Business Profile actively helps establish trust and credibility among potential clients and consumers researching legal services. Law firms with a high number of positive Google reviews are perceived as trustworthy, reliable, and competent in the legal industry, which ultimately influences potential clients’ behavior when selecting an attorney or legal service provider.

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Boost your law firm’s online presence with these proven strategies to increase Google reviews. Implementing these steps can enhance credibility, attract more clients, and improve local SEO rankings.

By leveraging various digital platforms and incorporating review requests into your offboarding process, you can establish trust and drive customer engagement. Embrace these tactics to ensure a positive impact on your law firm’s reputation and success in the digital landscape.


1. How can I get more Google reviews for my law firm?

You can get more Google reviews by asking satisfied clients to leave feedback, sending direct mails with QR codes that link to your review site, and using email marketing strategies.

2. Why are Google reviews important for a law firm?

Google reviews are important because they improve search engine rankings, boost client trust, and increase click-through rates to your online store or website.

3. What role does SEO play in getting Google reviews?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your law firm appear higher in SERPs, making it easier for clients to find and review your business on platforms like Yelp and Google’s own review system.

4. Can using social media influencers help in getting more reviews?

Yes! Partnering with influencers who believe in your brand can encourage their followers to become clients of your law firm and leave positive feedback.

5. What is the best way to remind clients to leave a review without being pushy?

Sending a friendly text message or an email with a simple clickable hyperlink or barcode that directs them straight to the place where they can submit their star-rating and feedback works well.

6. Are there any tools I should use on my website or dashboard to collect more Google reviews easily?

Incorporating landing pages with easy-to-follow menus linking directly back through hyperlinks or placing QR-codes at point-of-sale systems encourages customers opting into leaving you valuable customer feedback online.

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