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17 Ways to Make Your Law Firm Website More Visible on Google

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Since the majority of consumers use Google to find services and products they need, it’s crucial to understand how Google’s algorithm and search engine results work. While some law firm websites may need a complete overhaul, others can benefit from making simple changes to things like their content, style, and speed. To help you get started with your website’s upgrade, here are 17 ways to make your law firm’s website more visible on Google.

Get verified by Google

Your budding business relationship with Google starts with simply getting your law firm verified. All you have to do is create a Google My Business account and follow the steps. This ensures that you’re registered as a law firm in Google’s service categories, and you can be found on Google Maps.

Launch a Google Local Services Ads campaign

One of the best parts of Google’s Local Services Ads for lawyers is that you only pay for viable leads, not just clicks. LSA’s for lawyers allows you to target potential clients in your local area and become more visible on search engine results pages. If you’d like assistance with creating a Google LSA campaign for your law firm, contact us at the Law Firm Marketing Experts to learn more.

Utilize Google Analytics for your law firm’s website

To understand what’s working or not working for your law firm’s website, you need to see the data. Thankfully, Google Analytics is an easy way to monitor your website’s success. You can gain insight into your organic traffic, effective keywords, and target areas that need improvement.

Conduct a technical SEO audit

Performing a technical SEO audit on your law firm’s website can give you a big-picture overview of areas of improvement. An SEO audit can help you prioritize what needs to be fixed first and help you assess the user-friendliness of your site. Be sure to reach out to the Law Firm Marketing Experts if you’re interested in learning more about a technical SEO audit. 

Focus on quality to get visitors to stay on your law firm’s website

High-quality content, images, and videos should always be at the forefront of your law firm’s digital marketing approach. Simply put, high-quality content naturally leads to higher rankings. Remember that Google tracks how long visitors stay on your website before moving to other pages, so having high-quality, expert content is critical. 

Embrace the world of keywords

It’s imperative to understand and embrace the world of keywords. Be sure that your page titles, meta-descriptions, headings, and URLs are all keyword-friendly. Using relevant keywords helps Google understand your services, making your legal service visible to those searching for it.  

Use attention-grabbing titles 

Lawyers need to be careful about catchy titles or making promises they can’t keep when advertising. This can easily lead to state bar compliance issues. However, a compelling title increases your chances of getting noticed online. For example, instead of titling a blog “Understanding the Criminal Justice System,” you can try “The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the Criminal Justice System.” 

Remember to include keywords in your images

Lawyers often overlook alt descriptions for their images, but thankfully, this is a quick fix. Since image searches are gaining popularity on Google, it can be helpful to make sure your images include relevant keywords and alt tags.

Designate a page for law blogs

Blogging is a search engine optimization powerhouse! It allows you to make your law firm’s website more comprehensive, and it’s an excellent opportunity to take advantage of including more keywords and phrases. Potential clients are always searching for legal advice on a wide range of topics, so blogging can significantly impact your rankings. 

Promote positive reviews 

Nowadays, it’s very rare that a consumer will try a product or service without first checking reviews and ratings. You want to have as many positive reviews as possible. The more 5-star ratings, the greater the chances of Google making your law firm’s website more visible on the maps. Don’t hesitate to ask previous clients to write brief reviews after successful cases. 

Launch a social media campaign 

Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to get noticed. Having a stylish and active social media profile helps promote your legal services, increases your brand recognition, and can attract attention in your local area. Posting helpful legal tips or infographics that get shared will immediately boost visibility. 

Check your website’s loading speed

Speed is a massive indicator of ranking search engine results. Be sure that your pages and images load quickly, and remember that every second matters! Any lag time in loading can cause potential clients to quickly move to a competitor’s site. 

Make sure your law firm’s website is mobile-friendly

You want to make sure that your law firm’s website can be easily viewed from a mobile device. Many of your potential clients will solely use a smartphone to search for legal services, so it’s vital to have a mobile-friendly website. Be sure to check loading speed, images, font, and text size to ensure that your law office’s website is easy to navigate. 

 Create backlinks to your law firm’s website

Backlinks are links that are included in other websites that lead back to your website. Having backlinks tells Google that you’re a trusted source in the legal services community. 

Keep an eye on Google’s algorithm 

Remember that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep an eye on updates that can affect how rankings work. A large part of search engine optimization is knowing what affects rankings and what doesn’t, and learning about Google’s transformative algorithm is the best way to stay on top of these changes.  

Continue to add content and optimize your law firm’s website

Many lawyers make the mistake of going through a complete website upgrade, then not touching it for months. In order to stay relevant and visible online, you want to make sure you’re constantly adding high-quality content and regularly auditing your website’s performance. 

Work closely with a digital marketing expert specializing in lawyer marketing

While all of these tips can indeed improve your website’s rankings and make you more visible online, not every lawyer has the time to implement and monitor each one. That’s why it’s so important to work closely with a digital marketing expert specializing in law firm websites. 

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