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As a top law firm web design company we create custom websites for law firms that look amazing and rank in search engines.

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Our team boasts 30+ years of combined expertise in designing and developing websites tailored for lawyers and small law firms.

The benefit of having Law Firm Marketing Experts as your website company is that we have experience with all aspects of creating, optimizing, and maintaining a website under one roof. Our team is experienced in designing websites, developing them in the preferred platform including WordPress, Joomla, or any other language, optimizing websites to rank them in top positions in Google, and providing hosting, security, and the maintenance needed to keep your website running in top shape.

Yes, Law Firm Marketing Experts have created from scratch many custom websites for lawyers and law firms including criminal defense lawyers, federal lawyers, family attorneys, and more.

The benefits of having a professional, high-quality, fast and optimized website include:

  • It will position your law firm to acquire clients online
  • It will provide credibility to potential clients
  • It will send the right signals to Google, allowing the website show up in Google and to compete for top rankings
  • And much more

Every website web design for law firms is unique. Because each firm has its own specialties, culture, and needs, custom design is necessary. That said, in our 12 years of experience providing website design services for law firms, we’ve found a few elements that are must-haves.

And we keep these factors top of mind throughout the entire design process—whether you’re a new law firm starting from scratch or an established firm seeking a redesign.

  1. User-Friendly Design. Google ranks your website based on many factors, including usability. We’ll make sure potential clients can effortlessly navigate your website, even if they use a screen reader or other common accessibility tools.
  2. Mobile Adaptability. Most people today use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to surf the web, including when they need a lawyer. Our law firm web design experts always make sure your entire website is adaptable across devices, whether we’re doing an initial build or an upgrade.
  3. Lightning-Fast Loading Speed. People who need a lawyer are often nervous or in a hurry. If your pages take ages to load, your potential customers will likely opt for a competitor. We’ll optimize and monitor loading speeds across your website.
  4. Top-Notch Content. People like to know they’re working with an educated, honest, compassionate lawyer. Communicating these traits requires well-written content that speaks to your potential clients. We’ll make sure your website is jam-packed with engaging, accurate, useful content that boosts your SEO, too.

Yes, when you work with us, your website will be both mobile-responsive and optimized for different devices. You’re smart to be asking this question since 76% of adults exclusively use mobile devices to shop around1.

Today, ignoring mobile devices in terms of law firm web design is like shooting yourself in the foot. It’s clear that smartphones, tablets, phablets, and whatever else the future may hold aren’t going anywhere.

In fact, less than half of all web traffic comes from desktop devices. Our experts understand how critical it is for your law firm’s website to display and function flawlessly on any kind of device.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose us for your law firm website design services.


Experienced Law Firm Website Design Services

A well-designed law firm website is the foundation of a law firm’s digital presence. The majority of your potential clients will be using search engines like Google to find legal services. A law firm website encompassing SEO, style, design, and usability is more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages, get more calls, and secure more clients. If you’re interested in upgrading your law firm’s website, contact a specialist at Law Firm Marketing Experts today.


full-service web design and lawyer marketing agency

Lawyer Website Design & Development

Your Law Firm needs a professional website that will increase your chances or ranking in search engines and getting leads. Our team has experience designing and developing websites for solo lawyers and small law firms from scratch.
    • Mobile First & Responsive
    • Optimized UX
    • High-quality content
    • Improved E-A-T
    • Website architecture optimization

Website Optimization

With the continuous improvements of ranking algorithms, your website needs to constantly implement the latest best practices to stay ahead of the competition. Being that the legal services are one of the most competitive industries, taking advantage of the latest optimizations could help outrank your competition. Our website optimization services utilize all the latest Google best practices to increase your chances to rank at the top.
    • Google Lighthouse optimization
    • Website speed optimization
    • Page experience optimization
    • Internal link optimization

Law Firm Website Hosting & Security

Law Firm Marketing Experts utilizes the latest market-leading security, scalability, and infrastructure, which means up to 200% faster page speeds.
    • Fast and reliable
    • Robust privacy and security
    • DDoS protection
    • 99.99% uptime

Website Management Services for Lawyers

The last thing you want to worry about as a lawyer is having to perform regular maintenance on a website. That is why Law Firm Marketing Experts provide regular maintenance services already included in our complete website solutions to keep your law firm website running smoothly.
    • WordPress monthly maintenance
    • Security monitoring
    • Up-time monitoring
    • Back up and restore
    • Meta tag and headline optimization

About us

We have spent the last 12 years producing results for countless law firms across the United States that are now reaping the benefits of working with an experienced, reliable, and honest law firm marketing agency.

Our experience as a law firm digital marketing agency includes designing and executing custom digital marketing plans for top lawyers in the United States. We don’t just talk, we produce results. If you are looking for a lawyer digital agency to deliver results, contact us today to get a free proposal.

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Case Study#1 – Results Achieved for a Solo Criminal Defense Lawyer

“The results speak for themselves”

Solo lawyer marketing - Lawyer marketing services


increase in organic traffic


increase in online leads

A solo lawyer firm sought our services for growing his presence online. Law Firm Marketing Experts created a strategy to improve performance quickly.

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Case Study#2 – Results Achieved for a Small Criminal Defense Law Firm

“They achieved real results in a short period of time”

Attorney marketing - Small law firm marketing services


increase in organic traffic


increase in online leads

Law Firm Marketing Experts was contacted by a law firm that was seeking more traffic, online visibility, brand awareness, and ultimately to increase the number of leads and customers find the law firm online.

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Without a functional website, solo lawyers and small law firms can disappear in the digital landscape. Designing lawyer websites is the only way to draw in new clients and grow a legal business. Almost all of your potential clients are currently searching for legal services on Google or other search engines. Attorney websites are the only way for new clients to find you, learn about your expertise, and make a call. If you’re just opening your doors, contact us to learn more about why law firm websites are important and how we can help design and develop your new website.

Several characteristics make good lawyer websites. Some of them include:

  • User Friendly
    In order for lawyer websites to rank high, they have to work well with Google’s algorithm, and usability is one of the critical aspects of this formula. Google wants its users to have a good experience when searching for anything online. That’s why they only promote websites that users can navigate and find useful.
  • Mobile Adaptability
    Since so many consumers search for services they need on their phones, attorney web pages need to be able to be viewed easily on mobile devices. Our law firm web design experts take this into consideration when building or upgrading websites.
  • Fast Loading Speed
    When lawyer websites load slowly, potential clients are more likely to move on to a competitor. Speed is a vital characteristic of a good law firm website.
  • High-Quality Content
    You want your local community to know that you’re an expert, you have authority in your legal area, and you’re an attorney they can trust. Including high-quality content doesn’t only help you rank higher; it’s a sign of an excellent attorney website that was designed with its user in mind.

The best law firm websites can take a few weeks to design, but we aim to work within your timeline. If you need to launch as soon as possible, contact the Law Firm Marketing Experts today to discuss your website goals with our lawyer web design specialist.

Attorney website design prices will range according to the needs of each client. Some may need a few upgrades, while other law sites need to be built from scratch. To learn more about the cost of lawyer web design, contact us today.

The Law Firm Marketing Experts are ready to manage your law firm’s web design. We’ve developed websites for every type of lawyer, including criminal defense lawyers, family lawyers, divorce lawyers, immigration lawyers, DUI lawyers, and so many more. We have the experience and dedication to execute the best lawyer website for you. Contact the Law Firm Marketing Experts today to hear more about our exciting, creative, and unique ideas for your law firm’s new website.

Yes, we offer search engine optimization (SEO) services for law firms to improve your website’s visibility in search engine results—whether that’s Google or one of the smaller search engines.

We do this in a few different ways. First, we’ll get to know your business on a deep level. Everything from location to your ideal customer to your specializations are considered. Then, we implement SEO to help suitable prospects easily find you.

But that’s just the beginning.

We’ll also work with you to establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) like how many calls, chat requests, and form submissions you receive. We monitor your website’s ranking, content, and technical SEO too.

By approaching your SEO from these multiple perspectives, we help you truly stand apart from your competition.

We are seasoned experts in web design and development specifically tailored for law firms. High-quality website design is pivotal, as it can influence up to 97% of potential clients’ decisions. In this competitive landscape where your competitors are continuously enhancing their websites, it’s essential to stand out. Over our 12-year span, we’ve refined our process to be streamlined and hassle-free. Clients working with us don’t have to endure lengthy Zoom meetings or repetitive conversations. We manage the entire process, be it a redesign or a design for a new law firm, allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies. To understand how our services can revolutionize your business, feel free to reach out to us.