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Why Choose Our Local SEO for Lawyers Services

Experienced in-house local SEO services for law firms and solo lawyers

The benefits of Local SEO for law firms include:

  • Boost credibility – The more visible you are online, the more credible you are
  • Enhance trust – Potential clients can quickly get a clear picture of why you are trustworthy
  • Increase traffic and leads – Ranking higher in search results means more new leads
  • Outrank competitors – Clients see your website before discovering your competition
  • Target ideal prospective clients – Your ideal clients can find you without you actively pursuing them

Law Firm Marketing Experts have ranked Law Firms and Lawyers in the top 3 positions of the Google Maps platform. We have the experience and expertise to help your law firm achieve top positions as well. Please reach out to our team to get more information.

The key elements of a law firm’s website that impact local SEO include:

  • Relevance – Your website’s content is relevant to what users search for
  • Prominence – How authoritative your website is based on content, reviews, and link-building
  • Distance – How close your law firm is to the user’s location
  • NAP – Your law firm’s name, address, and phone number are consistent across your site
  • Keyword research – Your website’s content is based on locally relevant keywords
  • Mobile optimization – Your website needs to function flawlessly on all mobile devices

In these modern times, law firms must have a local SEO strategy. 81% of your potential clients do research online before choosing a lawyer. If your law firm does not appear in their search results, they will never even consider you—let alone hire you to represent them.

This is one of many reasons why we make local SEO a top priority. Contact us today to request an estimate for your law firm local SEO package. 

Reliable, Trusted Local SEO for Law Firms

Local SEO for law firms is one of the most effective, powerful strategies for attracting new clients. Ads only run while you fund the campaign, but the content on your website never goes away after you publish.

But just like a good legal strategy, achieving success doesn’t happen by accident. Getting the maximum ROI from lawyer local SEO requires a comprehensive, knowledge-based approach.

Top Local SEO Services For Law Firms and Solo Lawyers

full-service web design and lawyer marketing agency

Website Local Optimization

Website local optimization is an umbrella term for a wide range of actions that improve your local SEO. We’ll work with you to understand your service areas and your areas of practice. Then, we research what types of terms your ideal clients are using while trying to find a lawyer. By marrying their queries with your location and services, ideal prospective clients will find you without you having to lift a finger.
    • Website signals
    • Link signals
    • GEO signals
    • Speed optimization
    • UI/UX signals
    • On-Page optimization

Citation Audit and Acquisition

Citations, which are online mentions and links to your business, play a huge role in local SEO for law firms. When these are inaccurate or inconsistent, search engines get mixed signals about your website. But having none isn’t an option. The more up-to-date, consistent citations you have, the more often new clients will find your website. We’ll do an intensive audit of any existing citations and formulate a strategy to acquire new ones.
    • Citation acquisition
    • Citation management
    • Citation optimization
    • Citation competitor research
    • More

Google Business Profile Optimization

Your Google Business Profile (GBP) is the separate box that appears when someone Googles your business name. This is one of the most crucial determining factors in how well your website ranks locally, and how many people find your website. However, you can’t rush through setting up your GBP. When properly optimized, potential clients can see your business before your competitor—even if their website is much bigger and more in-depth than yours. Google Business Profile optimization is a foundational part of local SEO for law firms, and over the past 12+ years, we’ve become experts in leveraging it to boost ROI.
    • GMB optimization
    • GMB competitor research
    • GMB posting
    • GMB link-building
    • More

Geolocation Optimization

Also called geo-targeting, geolocation optimization is a little-known, powerful way to secure new clients. You see, whenever someone performs an online search, the search engine determines which websites to display based on your website and the user’s location. This is why someone who searches online for “courthouse” will see results relevant to their location. Utilizing geolocation optimization means making sure every facet of your online presence—from your Google Business Profile to your website to your citations—is correctly targeted. This seemingly minor detail can make all the difference in what kinds of prospective clients you attract.
    • Photo GEO-tagging
    • Website GEO optimization
    • GEO blogs
    • GEO link-building
    • More

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We have spent the last 12 years producing results for countless law firms across the United States that are now reaping the benefits of working with an experienced, reliable, and honest law firm marketing agency.

Our experience as a law firm digital marketing agency includes designing and executing custom digital marketing plans for top lawyers in the United States. We don’t just talk, we produce results. If you are looking for a lawyer digital agency to deliver results, contact us today to get a free proposal.

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Case Study#1 – Results Achieved for a Solo Criminal Defense Lawyer

“The results speak for themselves”

Solo lawyer marketing - Lawyer marketing services


increase in organic traffic


increase in online leads

A solo lawyer firm sought our services for growing his presence online. Law Firm Marketing Experts created a strategy to improve performance quickly.

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Case Study#2 – Results Achieved for a Small Criminal Defense Law Firm

“They achieved real results in a short period of time”

Attorney marketing - Small law firm marketing services


increase in organic traffic


increase in online leads

Law Firm Marketing Experts was contacted by a law firm that was seeking more traffic, online visibility, brand awareness, and ultimately to increase the number of leads and customers find the law firm online.

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Questions Frequently Asked About Local SEO for Lawyers

It is absolutely essential for lawyers to have a powerful local SEO strategy. Without one, building your clientele and attracting organic leads is nearly impossible. But not all local SEO strategies are created equal—you need advanced, data-driven local SEO techniques specifically designed for small law firms and solo lawyers. When you work with Law Firm Marketing Experts, our specialists will work with you to build your name in your local community and reach your ideal prospective clients.

Local SEO is the process of improving your law firm’s online visibility when it comes to local prospective clients. The purpose of local SEO for lawyers is to attract clients who are in your local community.

SEO is short for “search engine optimization,” which means publishing content on your website that is optimized for search engines like Google and Bing.

With a standard SEO strategy, you may create blogs and pages on your website related to keywords such as “divorce attorney for men.” In terms of local SEO, this might instead become “divorce attorney for men in Palm Beach County FL.”

Basically, local SEO works by communicating your law firm’s general location to search engines. Then, when potential clients in your area look for a lawyer near them, your website shows up at the top of their search results. This allows people to discover you without you spending money daily on an ad campaign.

Local link building is when you source or attract links from the websites of other local websites that have a similar audience. A few examples include links from local press outlets, directories, business websites, and blogs.

Local link building is important for law firms because it’s a proven effective way to get more eyes on your website and attract new clients. Plus, your competition is almost definitely doing local link building of their own— and you do not want them to monopolize your local audience.

The key metrics to monitor in local SEO for law firms are:

  • Number of leads and phone calls you get from Google Maps
  • Number of reviews on your GMB profile
  • Your website’s local search rankings over time
  • How much traffic you get from local searches
  • Local SEO keyword performance
  • Your bounce rate (% of visitors who leave the website quickly)

Anytime you look into local SEO services for lawyers, ask the provider about these metrics and how they will be utilized over time. This is a great way to determine If you have found a reliable, knowledgeable law firm marketing agency.

Common local SEO challenges for law firms include:

  • Standing out and ranking well in a highly competitive industry
  • Striking a balance between targeting local SEO keywords and relevant legal terms
  • Staying up to date through Google’s frequent, impactful algorithm updates
  • Ensuring your content is accurate, well-researched, easy to read, and informative
  • Evaluating which local SEO keywords are good targets for your website

When you work with us here at Law Firm Marketing Experts, you can rest easy because we have 12+ years of experience producing powerful local SEO results for law firms all over the US.