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Professionals specialized in ad campaign management for lawyers and small law firms

Law Firm Marketing Experts have years of experience successfully managing campaigns for solo lawyers and small law firms including creating, optimizing, and maintaining ad campaigns. Our team is experienced with Google Ads or Adwords, Google Local Services Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and other platforms.

Ad campaigns for lawyers and law firms are essential in today’s digital world. Ad campaign management is a great way to capture the target audience with a clever, savvy, critical, or focused message.

You can utilize a law firm ad campaign to create more brand awareness, promote new services, and attract more clients. Our ad campaign managers don’t only help you design and compose the right message, but we help you get your advertisements in the right place at the right time.

For example, our Google Ad campaign manager provides you with a copy optimization strategy and bidding experience, which is exactly what you need to attract clients who are looking for your specific legal services without maxing out your advertising budget.

PPC is a viable marketing strategy if used properly. Knowing how to use PPC campaigns, and how and when to target the right audiences is essential for a successful campaign. Contact us today to discuss your marketing strategies and how Law Firm Marketing Experts can help your Law Firm.

Experienced Ad Campaign Management Services

Strategies for digital advertising for solo lawyers and law firms should always include ad campaign management. Ad campaigns are an effective way to promote your brand and target more local clients by utilizing a focused message. At Law Firm Marketing Experts, we design and execute powerful ad campaign management services to enhance your digital presence across multiple platforms. Call us today if you’re interested in ad campaign management and other forms of digital advertising for your law firm. Our ad campaign management services for lawyers include pay-per-click and pay-per-call campaigns for:


full-service web design and lawyer marketing agency

Google Ads / Adwords / Local Services Ads

Law Firm Marketing Experts manage all aspects of your Google Ads campaign from beginning to end. Your Law Firm needs an experienced professional that can create and optimize your Google campaigns and that will increase your chances of getting leads.
    • Multiple Campaign Types and Models
    • Massive Exposure
    • Advanced Targeting Capabilities
    • Rapid Brand Awareness
    • Better Ad Visibility

Bing / Yahoo / AOL Ads

Bing Ads has been another viable and cost-effective option to run ads online for solo lawyers and small law firms. The Bing platform offers increased granular control and other features with higher engagement, and conversion rates at a lower cost.
    • Cheaper Cost Per Clicks
    • Less Competition
    • Yahoo/Bing and AOL Search Engines
    • More Control Over Search Partner Targeting

Social Media Ads

With the growth of social channels available online so the possibilities of reaching new customers. Various platforms offer new methods of targeting and retargeting possible new clients.
    • Cost-Effective
    • “Retarget” Prospects
    • Reach Clients Where They Are
    • Capture Leads with Ease

Lawyer Directory Ads

Being prominent online in the Legal space requires precise exposure in the right places. There are hundreds of lawyer directories online but few have true potential to drive qualified leads.
    • Cost-Effective
    • Reach Clients With Purchase Intent
    • Narrow Targeting
    • Less Competition
    • Higher Conversion Rate
    • Great Ad Placement
    • Geotargeted Ads

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We have spent the last 12 years producing results for countless law firms across the United States that are now reaping the benefits of working with an experienced, reliable, and honest law firm marketing agency.

Our experience as a law firm digital marketing agency includes designing and executing custom digital marketing plans for top lawyers in the United States. We don’t just talk, we produce results. If you are looking for a lawyer digital agency to deliver results, contact us today to get a free proposal.

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Case Study#1 – Results Achieved for a Solo Criminal Defense Lawyer

“The results speak for themselves”

Solo lawyer marketing - Lawyer marketing services


increase in organic traffic


increase in online leads

A solo lawyer firm sought our services for growing his presence online. Law Firm Marketing Experts created a strategy to improve performance quickly.

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Case Study#2 – Results Achieved for a Small Criminal Defense Law Firm

“They achieved real results in a short period of time”

Attorney marketing - Small law firm marketing services


increase in organic traffic


increase in online leads

Law Firm Marketing Experts was contacted by a law firm that was seeking more traffic, online visibility, brand awareness, and ultimately to increase the number of leads and customers find the law firm online.

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We provide several creative and unique approaches to ad campaigns for lawyers. Working with one of our ad campaign management specialists is like working with a LinkedIn campaign manager, Google campaign manager, and Facebook ad manager, all rolled into one. Other PPC advertising companies will promote these services, but our team concentrates on legal services, not just any business or product. Keep reading to learn more about ad campaign management and how it can help your law firm.

Google Ads is a service that helps lawyers and law firms promote their legal business online and increase traffic to a firm’s website. Advertisements can appear on the Google search engine page or even on non-search webpages, online videos, or apps. Google Ads can be manipulated at any point to showcase a legal service, target a new demographic, or adapt to any recent changes in your law firm.

Google Ads uses a pay-per-click (PPC) method. PPC methods allow lawyers to only pay when a potential client clicks on the ad or calls your business. Our digital marketing company has seen a lot of success with Google Ads and the PPC model, but it requires a lot of time, attention, and structure. That’s why it’s best to work with the best Google ad campaign management. Call us today to learn more or schedule a consultation.

Each ad campaign management launch will range in price according to the law firm’s needs and digital marketing goals. In addition, budgets typically change throughout a campaign according to results. Contact our agency to speak with an ad campaign manager to learn more about our ad campaign management pricing.

Absolutely. We understand that a lawyer’s job is important, so it’s not practical for them to spend time monitoring quality scores, deciphering bidding strategies, or optimizing advertising messages. Managing these tasks and more can quickly become overwhelming, especially for law firms with full caseloads. By hiring an ad campaign manager, you can let the experts test digital advertisement techniques, improve the performance of ads, and focus on the growth of your legal business.

If you’re ready to hear more about ad campaign management through platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, and NextDoor, contact Law Firm Marketing Experts today to schedule a consultation.

We track several things to ensure your Google Ads campaign is getting results. First, are we seeing successful actions with new clients? This is what Google calls a conversion —when your ad draws in a new client, and that client takes action (e.g., sends a message or makes a call).

Second, we consistently measure the return on your investment in your Google Ads. Remember that you can choose how much you want to bid on your ad placement, and we can adjust your bidding strategy at any time to make sure it matches up with your results.

Finally, we also monitor the quality score, which measures how valuable your ads are. Are your ads getting clicks or calls? Is your message relevant? Are we using the right keywords and phrases? Our ad management team consistently aims to improve quality scores.